Offset Printing Services

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Offset printing has been a standard in the printing industry for the last century, and has been the staple of Press Craft Printers’ day to day operations since our inception.


The name ‘offset’ refers to the process in which a metal plate is produced, and the impression is inked onto a rubber blanket, which then transfers the image onto the paper.  To output printed items using offset printing, plates are created for each color and the inks are layered over successive passes through a press to create the finished piece.

Our offset printing procedure produces consistent, sharp images with vibrant color.  Offset printing is the cheapest method for producing high quality printing in larger quantities.  Interested in saving money by buying in bulk but can’t warehouse your product?  Press Craft offers inventory management solutions.  See our inventory management page under Services for more details.   Request a quote to get started on the most tried and true process of commercial printing!